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Farm Fresh: North Country Cheviot Natural Black

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210 yards | approx 100 grams | heavy DK weight

Natural undyed dark brown/black/grey

This undyed, breed-specific yarn comes from a small sheep farm in New Hampshire, featuring the rustic and versatile wool of North Country Cheviot sheep. Buying this yarn supports small sheep farms and is perfect for crafting heritage-quality pieces. Its distinct texture and durability make it ideal for a variety of projects, especially great for creating everyday sweaters.

Very limited edition


  • 210 yards | 2-ply | approx. 100 grams | Heavy DK/Worsted weight
  • 100% North Country Cheviot Wool
  • Fiber source: New Hampshire
  • Undyed
  • Non-superwash
  • Made in small batches at Junction Fiber Mill in White River Junction, Vermont


Wet-Blocking Care Instructions

Your project isn’t truly complete until it’s had its first wash! Here’s how to help our yarns reach their full potential:

  1. Fill a sink or basin with cold water.
  2. Add a small amount of no-rinse wool wash.
  3. Submerge your knitted item, gently squeezing out any air bubbles to ensure it stays fully underwater.
  4. Soak for up to 10 minutes. While our dyes are tested for colorfastness, some dyes are notoriously difficult to set and may release a small amount of excess color. Using cold water, gentle wool wash, and a short soak will help prevent color redeposit on light-colored fibers.
  5. Drain the water.
  6. Gently lift your knitted item from the water and remove excess moisture by rolling it between clean, dry towels with light pressure.
  7. Lay flat and shape to air dry.

For projects with contrasting colors, we recommend steam blocking to avoid any color transfer.

Real Wool, Naturally Beautiful

We believe in the authenticity of wool. Our yarns are crafted from 100% wool, with no superwash treatments, preserving the natural characteristics that make each skein unique. Enjoy the feel of real wool that’s soft, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Crafted with Care in Vermont

At Junction Fiber Mill, every skein is a labor of love. Nestled in the heart of Vermont, our small mill produces high-quality, breed-specific yarns that celebrate the natural beauty of wool. Your purchase supports local craftsmanship and a passion for perfection.

Founded by Friends

Junction Fiber Mill was started in 2021 by two friends and sheep farmers, Amanda and Peggy. United by a shared passion for fiber, we created a mill that produces high-quality, breed-specific yarns with love and dedication.

About Us


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