Now accepting custom processing orders 🎉 | See Processing Info


Starting Up

When will you be taking orders?

Right now! We are happy to announce as of April 1, 2021 we are accepting custom processing jobs for roving and pin-drafted roving. We’ve been working hard to get up to speed with our equipment and we now feel more than confident we can make beautiful roving with your hard-earned fleece.

We plan to open up for yarn processing orders May 1. Sign up for our Newsletter below to be first to know.

What are your prices?

You can find our most up-to-date price sheet on our Processing page here.​ (Click the link at the top to download the pdf)

Are you open to the public?

Not quite yet. We're new at this and our equipment is loud, sharp, and requires our undivided attention so we will be working behind closed doors for the time being.

If you're interested in a tour, shoot us an email and we'll make sure to let you know when we add tours to our schedule.

Where can I park?

Our parking lot is behind 87 Maple Street. Coming from I-89, you will drive past Junction Fiber Mill and then turn left after Funkalicious. Do not park in the driveway directly to the left of our building.

General Processing

Are you a worsted or woolen mill?

We are a "semi-worsted" mill, meaning we card (rather than comb) and then pin draft our fiber.

Do you process alpaca? How about mohair?

No, we only process sheep's wool. It's nothing personal, we just feel it's better to focus on doing one thing really well (though sheep's wool is a whole world unto itself).

Additionally we cannot process hair or dual coated breeds of sheep.

We reserve the right to reject any fleece for any reason.

Do you offer standalone washing services?

No. We offer our scouring (washing) services only as part of the roving/yarn processing service.

Can I bring in roving to be spun into yarn?

No, we can only accept raw (skirted) fleece and we require it to go through our full process in one go (wash > pick > card > pin draft > spin). This is to ensure the best-quality end product as we can control humidity and treatment throughout.


What is roving?

Roving is fiber that’s been washed, picked, carded and coiled for use in hand spinning and needle felting.

What’s the difference between regular and pin-drafted roving?

Regular roving is roving directly off of our carder, which definitely makes a nice enough roving for hand spinners and felters. The pin drafting process further aligns and evens out the roving. When we spin yarn here at the mill, we need the roving to be absolutely perfect, so we run it through our Pin Drafter at least twice. If you want to hand spin with the creme de la creme of roving, opt for Pin Drafting — it’ll make hand spinning a dream.

What’s your order minimum for roving?

Download our Pricing & Order Form on our Processing page for the most up to date pricing and order minimums.

What’s your maximum/minimum staple length?

Our carder requires that staple (fiber) length to be between 2 and 6 inches. Additionally, we cannot accept fiber from animals that have been bedded in wood shavings as they’re next to impossible to get completely out of a fleece and will ruin our carder.


When can I get yarn made at Junction Fiber Mill?

Now! Check out our processing page for details.

What’s your order minimum for yarn?

Download our Pricing & Order Form on our Processing page for the most up to date pricing and order minimums.