January 16, 2024

Millcast Episode 61

1000 Clean Pounds

By Amanda & Peggy

We’re closing a chapter on the 1000 pounds of wool saga — it arrived! We had some final adventures getting it situated in our warehouse and opening up the bale. No mill workers were harmed in the making of this video. Now on to chapter 2: processing it! In other news, we’re hosting our first Virtual Knit Night this Wednesday for the KAL and we hope you can join us! Plus, Peggy’s off to Mass this weekend for the Wayland Farm Fiber Day at Russell’s Garden Center.


Upcoming Events

  • Jan 17: Virtual Knit Night
  • Sun, Jan 21: Wayland Farm Fiber Day
  • Fri, Feb 2: Open House at the Mill

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  • Intro: "Wordsmith" by Julian Lage from Modern Lore
Making Tracks: Zinnia
Junction Fiber Mill