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Silverlining Sweater Inspiration

Silverlining Sweater Inspiration

Pattern by Jennifer Steingass

Making Tracks and stranded yoke sweaters are a match made in heaven, and Jennifer Steingass has ample to choose from. For our shop sample, we had one knit with (1 skein) and Farm Fresh in a natural light grey (5 skeins). We recommend checking out our for an extra squishy and delightful MC.

From Ravelry:

Silverlining is worked from the top down, seamlessly and in the round. Simple geometric shapes on the yoke create a mirror image and the motif sequences are rhythmic and meditative as you work. With top down construction, an easy yoke chart requiring just 2 colors per row, and with worsted or DK weight yarn that knits up quickly, I consider this to be one of my easiest yoke sweater patterns that’s both approachable for colorwork beginners and fun for the experienced.

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